Squamish Community Forest

Management Plan Overview

A Management Plan (MP) was required as part of the application for the Community Forest Agreement.

The purposes of the Management Plan are:

  • To provide the broad direction and general management approach
  • To link the community and their values to management of the community forest
  • To establish an annual allowable cut

The MP reflects the values of both Squamish Nation and Squamish community members.

It reflects the Squamish Nation Land Use Plan and relevant District of Squamish policies.

The MP must be consistent with forestry legislation and higher level plans including the established objectives from the Sea to Sky Land and Resource Management Plan.

Elements of the Management Plan:

  • Guiding principles and Values
  • Social, economic and broad resource management goals and objectives
  • Inventories and management approach for non-timber and timber resource values in the community forest area, including:

  • Measures to Identify and Consult with all land users and stakeholders in the community forest area
  • Measures to Consult with First Nations
  • A plan for annual reporting to the community
  • Allowable Annual Cut proposal and rationale