Squamish Community Forest

Values and Goals

Management of the Squamish Community Forest will follow sustainable forestry practices and respect shared community values and goals. An initial set of values and goals was identified through feedback at open houses, meetings with stakeholder groups and the Squamish Nation’s Xay Temíxw (Sacred Land) Land Use Plan.


  • Balance (between environmental, social and economic goals)
  • Respect for all interests and resource values
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Financial sustainability
  • Community engagement and social licence
  • Outdoor recreation opportunities
  • Educational opportunities
  • Squamish Nation cultural values
  • Other cultural values
  • Cooperation
  • Innovation

Social Goals:

  • Strengthen and grow relationships and partnerships between the District of Squamish, Squamish
    Nation and community members
  • Practice strong community engagement and communication
  • Facilitate cultural use
  • Support training and capacity building
  • Respect and consider all land users and other tenure holders
  • Integrate safety in all aspects of operations, for forest workers and the public
  • Provide education and research opportunities for community members, First Nations, visitors and

Economic Goals:

  • Provide economic benefits/revenue for Squamish Nation and the District of Squamish
  • Provide employment opportunities for local community members
  • Support local secondary manufacturing

Resource Management Goals:

  • Manage and conserve biodiversity, ecosystem function and integrity
  • Manage and conserve wildlife and wildlife habitat
  • Maintain an appropriate level of old growth
  • Protect fish habitat and riparian areas
  • Support a well-managed outdoor recreation network of trails and features in balance with other resource values
  • Protect cultural and heritage values and sites
  • Minimize wildfire risk and manage for a wildfire resilient forest
  • Protect and maintain community water supply quality and quantity
  • Maintain visual quality and viewscapes
  • Grow and harvest timber at a rate that is socially and ecologically appropriate and in balance with all other values

Read through the Management Plan for a more in depth overview of the strategic level management direction for the Community Forest.