Trails and Roads Update – Cheekye Harvest and Hauling

March 5, 2024

Trail Closures

As shown on this MAP, several trails in Cheekye Basin will be temporarily closed for the safety of trail users and work crews during Squamish Community Forest harvesting, clearing and hauling activities:

-Made in the Shade , Mini Tracks and Dead End Loop trails will be closed from March 5, 2024 until completion of harvest and log hauling. Estimated to re-open about mid May 2024.

Bob McIntosh Memorial trail remains closed from the bottom on Man Boobs trail north to Rock n’ Roll trail, while clearing in preparation for the Cheekye Debris Barrier Project footprint takes place. This trail is anticipated to remain closed until completion of the pending Debris Barrier Project construction.

Rock n’ Roll trail was permanently closed as of January 2024, due to construction of the Access Road for the anticipated Cheekye Debris Barrier project.

Be Alert for Logging Truck Traffic

Logging trucks will begin to haul logs from the Cheekye basin the week of March 4, 2024 with 10-12 loaded trucks/day, Monday to Friday for about 8-9 weeks.

The hauling route follows under the powerline right-of-way (Mashiter), turns left at the SORCA shelter (across from Alice Lake Access Road), then follows existing logging roads (Ring Creek North Forest Service Road – aka Northside Connector) – Garibaldi Park Road – upper Mamquam Road – Village Drive – University Boulevard – The Boulevard – Highlands Way South and Mamquam road to reach Hwy 99. From there trucks take Hwy 99 south to log sort facilities off Mamquam FSR and/or Cleveland/Loggers Lane.

“Trail Crossing” signs have been placed along Ring Creek North FSR (Northside Connector) ahead of where trails intersect the road. Logging trucks will sound horns when passing the “Trail Crossing” signs.

“Active Road Ahead Stay Alert” signs have also been placed on bike trails near their intersection with Ring Creek North FSR (Northside Connector).  Trail users please slow down, watch for and give way to vehicle traffic when merging onto the road.

As the Mamquam Ring Road is still closed, logging trucks will need to haul logs through Garibaldi Highlands. Log hauling will be minimized during school drop off and pick up times.

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